Command-line Reference

Aptik v21.04 by Tony George ([email protected])

Usage: aptik <command> [options]

┊ Software Repositories    

      --list-repos               List software repositories
  br, --backup-repos             Save list of software repositories
  rr, --restore-repos            Add missing software repositories from backup
      --import-missing-keys      Find and import missing keys for apt repos

┊ Downloaded Packages                                                     

  --clear-cache                  Remove downloaded packages from system cache

┊ Software - APT                                                         

      --list-installed           List all installed packages
      --list-installed-dist      List base packages installed by Linux distribution
      --list-installed-user      List packages installed by user
      --list-installed-auto      List packages auto-installed to satisfy dependencies
      --list-installed-foreign   List installed non-native packages
      --list-installed-local     List locally installed packages
  bp, --backup-packages          Save list of installed packages
  rp, --restore-packages         Install missing packages from backup

 Options (for --backup-packages):
  --include-pkg-foreign          Include non-native packages (excluded by default)
  --exclude-pkg-icons            Exclude icon-theme packages (included by default)
  --exclude-pkg-themes           Exclude theme packages (included by default)
  --exclude-pkg-fonts            Exclude font packages (included by default)

┊ Software - DEB                                                         

        --list-debs              List DEB packages from backup
  rdeb, --restore-debs           Install DEB packages from backup

┊ Software - Snaps  

      --list-snaps               List all installed Snap packages
  bs, --backup-snaps             Save list of installed Snap packages
  rs, --restore-snaps            Install missing Snap packages from backup

┊ Software - Flatpaks 

       --list-flatpaks           List all installed Flatpak packages
  bfp, --backup-flatpaks         Save list of installed Flatpak packages
  rfp, --restore-flatpaks        Install missing Flatpak packages from backup

┊ Users & Groups  

      --list-users               List users
      --list-users-all           List all users (including system user accounts)
  bu, --backup-users             Backup users
  ru, --restore-users            Restore users from backup

┊ User Groups  

  --list-groups                  List groups
  --list-groups-all              List all groups (including system groups)

┊ Home Directory Data

  bh, --backup-home              Backup data in users' home directories
  rh, --restore-home             Restore data in users' home directories from backup
      --fix-ownership            Updates ownership for users' home directory contents
      --change-pass <string>     Change passphrase for backup

  --users <usr1,usr2,..>         Users to backup and restore (default: all users)

  --pass <string>                Password for encryption/ (default: blank)

  --comp <string>                Compression method (see borg backup user manual)
                                 default: 'auto,lz4'

  --exclude-home-hidden          Exclude hidden files and directories (app configs)
                                 (default: include)

  --exclude-from <file>          Exclude files which match patterns in specified file

┊ Mount Entries 

      --list-mounts              List /etc/fstab and /etc/crypttab entries
  bm, --backup-mounts            Backup /etc/fstab and /etc/crypttab entries
  rm, --restore-mounts           Restore /etc/fstab and /etc/crypttab entries from backup

┊ Icons      

      --list-icons               List installed icon themes
  bi, --backup-icons             Backup installed icon themes
  ri, --restore-icons            Restore missing icon themes from backup

┊ Themes    

      --list-themes              List installed themes
  bt, --backup-themes            Backup installed themes
  rt, --restore-themes           Restore missing themes from backup

┊ Fonts     

       --list-fonts              List installed fonts
  bfo, --backup-fonts            Backup installed fonts
  rfo, --restore-fonts           Restore missing fonts from backup

┊ Dconf Settings    

      --list-dconf               List dconf settings changed by user
  bd, --backup-dconf             Backup dconf settings changed by user
  rd, --restore-dconf            Restore dconf settings from backup

  --users <usr1,usr2,..>         Users to backup and restore (default: all users)

┊ Scheduled Tasks 

      --list-cron                List cron tasks
  bc, --backup-cron              Backup cron tasks
  rc, --restore-cron             Restore cron tasks

  --users <usr1,usr2,..>         Users to backup and restore (default: all users)

┊ Files   

       --list-files              List files from backup
  bfi, --backup-files            Backup files and directories (specify with --add)
  rfi, --restore-files           Restore files and directories from backup

  --add <path>                   Add file or directory to backups

┊ Post-Restore Scripts     

      --list-scripts             List scripts from backup
  es, --exec-scripts             Execute scripts from backup

┊ All Items     

  ba, --backup-all               Backup all items
  ra, --restore-all              Restore all items from backup
      --remove-all               Remove all items from backup
      --sysinfo                  Show system information

  --users <usr1,usr2,..>         Users to backup and restore (default: all users)
  --skip-repos                   Skip item: repos
  --skip-packages                Skip item: packages
  --skip-debs                    Skip item: debs
  --skip-snaps                   Skip item: snaps
  --skip-flatpaks                Skip item: flatpaks
  --skip-fonts                   Skip item: fonts
  --skip-themes                  Skip item: themes
  --skip-icons                   Skip item: icons
  --skip-users                   Skip item: users
  --skip-home                    Skip item: home
  --skip-mounts                  Skip item: mounts
  --skip-dconf                   Skip item: dconf
  --skip-cron                    Skip item: cron
  --skip-files                   Skip item: files
  --skip-scripts                 Skip item: scripts

 Note: Options for individual items listed in previous sections can also be used

┊ Common Options  

  -{b|p|i|o}, --basepath <dir>   Backup directory (default: current directory)
              --scripted         Run in non-interactive mode
  -n,         --dry-run          Simulate actions for --restore commands
  -v,         --version          Show version and exit
  -h,         --help             Show all options