v24.02.1 (2023-02-27)

  • Fix: Enable user input for terminal (regression added in v24.02)

v24.02 (2023-02-25)

  • Repo: Don’t warn if release file is not found for current codename

  • Packages: Don’t exclude development lib packages (lib*-dev)

  • Flatpak: Unhold package ‘flatpak’ before installing it

  • Snap: Unhold package ‘snapd’ before installing it

  • Snap: Backup and restore from snap files

  • Icon,Themes,Fonts: Include items from base distribution in backups instead of excluding them

  • Use Gtk HeaderBar for all windows

  • Terminal: Move actions to the headerbar

v24.01.1 (2023-01-14)

  • Fix: Update version number in UI

v24.01 (2023-01-07)

  • Packages: Fix an issue with parsing of initial-files.list

  • Packages: Fix delay in loading package list when run for first time

v23.11 (2023-11-12)

  • Repo: Fix detection for Launchpad PPAs

  • Repo: Check for release file before adding PPA

  • Repo: Don’t retry if PPA does not have packages for release

  • Fix warnings for string_strip assertions

v23.07 (2023-07-01)

  • Home: Prune older archives for each user separately

  • Snap: Hide extra columns

  • Users: Suppress Ubuntu’s Welcome app on login as ‘aptik’ user

  • Users: Fixed a corner case where users were not restored correctly if 2 users on the new system had each other’s UID on the previous system

  • Apt: Improve detection of default packages for Debian 12

  • Misc: Add option to backup and restore MySQL data and settings

  • Use symbolic icons for message bar

v22.11 (2022-11-19)

  • Fix: Home: Re-do the backup if Prune action reduces size by more than 90%

  • Don’t restore users and groups that are not of same type (regular or system) on the old system and new system

v22.10 (2022-10-15)

  • Print system info for –backup-all and –restore-all

  • Print Aptik and Borg version in log

  • Add warning in script ‘’ to use the script only if Aptik cannot be installed on new system

  • Users & groups: Assume UID_MAX and GID_MAX to be system user and group

  • Improve detection of default packages for LMDE, MX Linux, PopOS, and Elementary OS.

v22.06.3 (2022-08-07)

  • Snap: Fix: Don’t fetch extended info when listing packages

v22.06.2 (2022-08-07)

  • Snap: Fix: Channel is truncated when saved in backup list

  • Snap: Remove ‘nosnap.pref’ before installing snapd

  • Improve launcher; Try with pkexec, pkexec env, gksu, and sudo

  • License Window: Show border around input box

v22.06.1 (2022-07-02)

  • Flatpak: Use flatpakrepo URI for importing remote

  • Terminal: Use darker background; Reduce spacing;

v22.06 (2022-06-26)

  • Users: Restore: Restore user account even if the username contains capitals or unwanted characters

  • Flatpak: Backup: Fix error when parsing remotes for Flatpak v1.2.7

  • Home & Misc: Compact repo after prune if using Borg v1.2+

  • Misc: Add support for VMWare images and Python v3.11 modules

v22.04 (2022-04-10)

  • Redesign Settings window

  • Link to online docs

  • Misc: Add support for apache2, dhcp, wifi connections, openssh server settings, transmission-daemon, and ufw rules.

  • Create a subfolder if backup path has extra files

v21.12.2 (2022-02-13)

  • Fix: Warn if backup path is not selected

v21.12.1 (2022-01-02)

  • Update licencing

v21.12 (2021-12-05)

  • Gtk: Warn if backup path doesn’t exist

  • Gtk: Warn if backup path contains other data

  • Gtk: Center the About window

  • Gtk: Fix device name and file system detection for BTRFS subvolumes

v21.07.2 (2021-08-29)

  • Show better warning messages for Borg errors

v21.07.1 (2021-08-28)

  • Update warning messages for backup path selection

  • Remove dialog box warnings for backup path selection

v21.07 (2021-07-18)

  • UI: Show filesystem type and free space for backup path

  • UI: Fix: Section buttons are clickable even if expander is collapsed

  • UI: Remove dependency on Vimix Gtk theme

  • UI: Settings: Allow any GTK theme to be selected

  • Repo: Add support for Deb822 apt sources

  • Repo: Check and map custom repo for current distro release

  • Flatpak: Restore: Installing flatpak client without prompting

  • Flatpak: Fix progress indicator (removed -v switch)

  • Improve error handling for ‘Home Data’ and ‘Misc’ backups

  • Fix for new lsblk version

v21.02 (2021-02-21)

  • APT Cache: Cache is now automatically managed. Remove section button.

  • Users: Merge sections for Users and Groups

  • Users: Restore UIDs and GIDs

  • Files: Files section renamed to Miscellaneous

  • Misc: Add Docker backup and restore

  • Misc: Fix: Items not populated in GUI if basepath doesn’t exist.

  • CLI: Show summary of failed items

  • CLI: New header style and message box outputs

  • CLI: Add short-hand commands

v20.08 (2020-08-09)

  • Script ‘’ in backup path will prompt for confirmation and install dependencies before starting the restore.

  • Rename section ‘DConf Settings’ to ‘Desktop Settings’

  • Desktop Settings: Wait 10 seconds for desktop to load

  • Desktop Settings: Add GUI message window for restoring settings

  • Add latest version of BorgBackup to repository

  • Buttons for backup of Snap and Flatpak packages will be disabled if Snap and Flatpak support is not installed

v19.12 (2019-12-14)

  • Fix: Error “A process is running in terminal” on Linux Lite 4.6

  • Files: Updated messages and warnings

  • Files: Prevent addition of top-level dirs

  • Borg: Fix: Prune operation will exit with an error if password is incorrect

  • Borg: Fix: Exit app if backup status is non-zero

  • Flatpak: Fix: Add support for newer Flatpak versions

  • Flatpak: Fix: First package was always ignored when querying installed packages

  • Flatpak: Show size column in backup mode

v18.06 (2018-06-30)

  • Packages: Added dropdown filter for package category

  • Remember selections for every run

  • Use radio buttons for selecting UI and backup mode

  • Added additional checks to verify if backup path is valid

  • Switch to General page if path is invalid

  • Fixed scrolling issue with terminal

  • Mounts: Prompt user for listing crypttab entries on Arch Linux

  • Fixed build issue with newer version of libvte291

  • UI improvements

v18.5.2 (2018-05-12)

  • Added options for selecting UI layout - simple, advanced, and expert

  • User will be prompted for authorization once on startup

  • Exit application if terminal is closed or auth prompt is dismissed

  • Show status animation for some sections instead of switching to terminal window

  • Added section for Files

  • Added section for Scripts

  • UI improvements

v18.5 (2017-05-01)

  • New release after rewrite