Version 23.12 (2023-12-10)

  • Extract: Add option to extract to original location.
  • Extract: Allow the user to type the destination path
  • Extract: Show the full file name in the progress window during extraction
  • Extract: Show the “Copy Path” button as an inline icon
  • Extract: Fix action for opening extracted path in file manager
  • Mount: Show icons in buttons
  • Mount & Extract Window: Clicking any row will select the snapshot
  • Validate: Validate only if repair is not selected
  • Fix: Syntax error in calling borg break-lock

Version 23.08.2 (2023-09-23)

  • Fix: Show progress in header bar for all windows
  • Fix: Cancel running task when progress window is closed
  • Don’t keep progress windows open after action is cancelled
  • Show “Cancel” button in window instead of header bar
  • Rename “Ok” button to “Close” for some windows

Version 23.08.1 (2023-08-20)

  • Fix: Create: Window title shows “Error” after completion instead of “Complete” under some conditions.
  • Fix: Create: Don’t show the “Compare” button if snapshot was cancelled by user
  • Create: Set “Keep open” unchecked by default. Update the tooltip message to indicate that window will remain open if there are errors.

Version 23.08 (2023-08-20)

  • Use Gtk header bars for all windows and dialogs. Add an option in Settings to disable header bars.
  • Use flat buttons for toolbars in the extended view. Add an option in Settings to revert to normal buttons.
  • Change the layout of the Settings window to use a GtkFrame and GtkStackSwitcher instead of GtkStackSidebar.
  • Improve the layout of the Profile Settings window. Add icons to the sidebar, use GtkFrame for the Prune section, and use flat buttons in the header for the Source and Exclude sections.
  • Change the toolbar defaults for Simple view. Show both text and icons and show smaller icons.
  • Fix: Selecting the ‘Compare’ action from the context menu in the Compare Window can sometimes cause the window to freeze.
  • Fix: Show status bar message as ‘Mounted’ if profile or snapshot is mounted
  • Fix: Hide stats when a task is running
  • Fix: Don’t check the password if it has not changed. This fixes a lag when closing the Manage Profile window.
  • Fix: Select the snapshot under the mouse when right-clicking the list of snapshots
  • Fix: Refresh the profile list after adding, removing, and importing profiles
  • Fix: Skip password check if the profile is not encrypted
  • Fix: Progress for cloud uploads was not displayed correctly for recent versions of Rclone
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the Log window size would increase when it is closed and reopened.
  • Fix: Create a notification directory for admin during installation to avoid warnings
  • Add Unmount button to the action bar for the Profile list
  • Add a new prompt to unmount the profile if it is mounted and locked
  • Update Rclone to v1.63.1 in apt repo

Version 22.12.5 (2023-07-16)

  • Fix an issue with handling of crontab entries for scheduling jobs.
  • Fix an error with RClone client

Version 22.12.4 (2023-03-27)

  • ProfileWindow: Don’t check password if it has not changed
  • Fix: Compare by checksum for Dropbox upload

Version 22.12.3 (2023-01-01)

  • Unmount: Sync filesystem and retry if unmount fails
  • Locks: Fix check for stale locks; Remove the lock if no process is running

Version 22.12.2 (2022-12-18)

  • Exclude: Fix an issue with exclusion filters
  • Profile: Add a safety check while saving the profile settings
  • Profile: Improve handling of parsing errors for Borg output

Version 22.12.1 (2022-12-18)

  • Compare: Snapshots are compared in wrong order when list order is Ascending
  • Compare: Empty window is shown when there are no differences, instead of showing a message.
  • Exclude: By default, Borg traverses into excluded directories when using the --patterns-from option. Exclusion entries that don’t have a prefix will be prefixed with ! to prevent traversal.
  • Profile: After password is edited by user, it will be verified when the user changes the profile or closes the window. Previously, it was checked when the user was typing the password. This can cause problems in entering the password for a new profile, or in cases where the user is typing the password slowly.

Version 22.12 (2022-12-11)

  • UI: Improved the speed of loading snapshots for profile in UI
  • UI: Added indication in profile list and status bar when scheduled task runs in the background.
  • Prune: Added “Minutely” prune level
  • Prune: Prune window will show the reason why a snapshot is being kept or removed if Borg version is v1.2 or later.
  • UI: Error messages are now displayed in the status bar, for profiles that have an error.
  • FreeSpace: Add free space limit in MB and percentage for creating snapshots
  • Encryption: Add support to create or import unencrypted Borg repositories
  • Notification: Add option to enable and disable, success and error notifications, at both profile level and global level.
  • Compare: Fixed some issues in CompareWindow when there are large number of differences between the snapshots being compared.
  • Filters: Exclude filters now use the --patterns-from option provided by Borg with Fnmatch syntax.
  • Icon: App Icon was replaced with a new icon
  • UI: An icon will be displayed next to profile name if backups are saved on remote machine