6. Networking

6.1. SSH Connection Multiplexing

SSH connection multiplexing is enabled for faster SSH logins.

The first time you log in to a remote server using SSH, it will take the usual amount of time. When you log out and log in again (or login to another session from another terminal window) you will be logged in instantly without any delay.

If you have bash scripts that connect multiple times to remote servers over SSH, those scripts will run much faster due to multiplexing.

6.2. Cloudflare DNS

Zinc uses Cloudflare’s DNS servers for DNS name resolution.

Most Linux distributions don’t set up a DNS provider by default. The system uses the DNS servers of your local ISP which are usually very slow, to say the least. Google and Cloudflare provide public DNS servers that are much faster. Using either of them will make a big difference to the web browsing experience.

Zinc is configured to use Cloudflare’s DNS servers by default. It can be changed manually to use Google or any other DNS provider that is preferred.