3. FAQs

[Q-1] I’m trying to convert a SD Card with Ubuntu 22.04 to BTRFS format on a Raspberry Pi 4. The app doesn’t let me select the SD Card on the device selection screen.

Ans: The SD Card cannot be converted while the system installed on the SD Card is running.

  1. Shutdown the RPI and remove the SD Card

  2. Connect the SD Card to another Linux computer (desktop or laptop).

  3. Install FlashIt on the other computer and use it to convert the SD Card.

[Q-2] I don’t have a desktop or laptop. How can I convert the SD card to BTRFS using only the Raspberry Pi?

Ans: Use another SD Card or USB stick that has Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi OS installed on it.

  1. Flash Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi OS to a USB stick

  2. Connect the USB stick to the RPI and boot from it

  3. Connect the SD Card that you want to convert

  4. Install FlashIt and convert the SD Card